The Post-Intensive Follow Through Program

As soon as the student returns to school, follow-through therapy begins. The student comes to WINSi after school 1 to 5 hours a week to work on classroom assignments in one-on-one sessions conducted by the same therapists the students have seen in the intensive program. Each student’s progress is carefully monitored in a collaborative manner involving school teachers, parents, and WINSi therapists. Follow- through therapy continues with decreased frequency until the student has reached a level of independence and successful academic functioning. This may take 1 to 3 years.

Follow-through therapy is a crucial part of the program and ensures that the student is applying his newly acquired skills in all schoolwork. Behavioral issues continue to be addressed as needed. Without continued monitoring of academics and behavior, there is serious risk that the student could lapse back into the maladaptive strategies used habitually prior to coming to WINSi. Another critical aspect of the Follow-Through Program is daily practice of reading aloud to a parent at home. Research has demonstrated that daily practice is essential if the child is to maintain and further improve reading ability. This requires parental monitoring, encouragement, and sometimes positive incentives. The psychotherapeutic interventions continue as needed.